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What is Qíahn?

Be welcome to Qíahn’s website, a medieval fantasy universe where humanity fight among themselves on two factions: Heads and Tails.

Qíahn is a strange planet, coin-shaped and flat. It has two different worlds, Heads and Tails, and an edge. In its center is the Orb, a small, glimmering planetoid that shines on both sides. Heads is illuminated by a sun. It’s always day and its night cycle looks like a normal afternoon on earth. On the other side however, the only light on Tails comes from the Orb, reflected by the four moons, North, South, East and West. Its darkness is ever present, only broken by the flickering glow from erupting volcanoes.

The Edge stands between Heads and Tails. It has both day and night cycles, it’s wild and dangerous, full of rebels, outlaws, rejects, monsters and free dragons.

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What is the Qíahn project?

Qíahn is a transmedia project that was born beginning of 2010. His creator, Javier Ordax, wrote the basis for a medieval fantasy universe. His goal: develop a fictional environment for all ages where many products, from a board game to an animated series, could be set.

Today, Qíahn has an app, called Qíahn Tactics 2.0 for Android devices, which is a port of the board game of the same name. It also has a classic pen & paper roleplaying game, Qíahn: The coin of men, in development. There are also a couple of lines of research (augmented reality, 3D printing, childrens’ books and toys, etc) and many pieces of concept art.



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Go to the tutorial video and learn how to play Qíahn Tactics in just seven minutes.


Qíahn’s Teaser